Scholarship Program

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Change a Life Foundation’s application will open on January 16, 2018.
The deadline will be Wednesday, March 1, 2018 at 5:00 pm.

In 2017, the Foundation awarded 49 college scholarships to amazing students from Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties as well as to Emancipated Youth from all over California, totaling $208,590 in first-year scholarships. The Foundation also provided 33 Scholarship Renewal Awards for 2016 scholars to reapply for a second year of funding, totaling $47,366. To date, The Foundation has awarded $8,161,071 in college scholarships, impacting the lives of 1,668 of scholars.

Change a Life Foundation’s Scholarship Program is designed to bridge the financial gap for college-bound students. Scholarships assist economically disadvantaged students who excel academically to attend the university or college of their choice. Scholarships are awarded up to $5,000 for unmet university expenses in the areas of tuition, housing, meal plan, books, and health insurance.

The Foundation provides scholarships to students with:

  • Excellent potential
  • Great financial need
  • Superior academic demonstration, and
  • Active commitment to community and civic involvement.

Eligible scholarship recipients are either:

  • Graduating public high school seniors in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange Counties, or
  • Emancipated and/or Foster Youth residing in the state of California, as either a graduating high school senior or a student attending community college ready to transfer to a four year university (with the correct number of units)