Scholarship Contract

Scholarship Contract Instructions

Change a Life Foundation’s Scholarship Contract (link found below) must be completed by July 23, 2018 in order for Change a Life Foundation to release scholarship funds to your chosen university.

ALL of the items listed below must be uploaded with the Scholarship Contract (all documents are required):

  1. Financial Aid Award offer from the university to be attended
  2. Cost of Attendance provided by the university with expense budget breakout for the entire year
  3. Thank you letter addressed to Change a Life Foundation Board of Directors
  4. University Acceptance Letter
  5. University Health Annual Fees ONLY if you are choosing to purchase health insurance through your university.

Change a Life Foundation sends scholarship award checks directly to the university on behalf of scholarship recipients. Scholarships are restricted to the following expenses: tuition, on-campus housing and meal plan, books and health insurance.

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Scholarship Contract