Our Philanthropist

As the founder and donor would read newspaper articles about an individual or family in need, he became so moved by stories of tragedy and desolation that he would send his personal staff to anonymously deliver money orders to assist with individual or family needs. The impact was so great in those early days, to the very first grant recipients, that the founder decided in 1998, to establish the Anonymous Donor Foundation. In 2001, the Anonymous Donor Foundation became the Change a Life Foundation.

Through the founder’s generosity and unique philanthropic vision, Change a Life Foundation continues to provides restricted grant support for critically needed direct services that promote self-sufficiency and improve quality of life. The Foundation began as the dream of one man with a passion for philanthropy and a desire to help others.

The donor always knew that he wanted to impact individuals one life at a time. In 2001 the Foundation was launched officially as Change a Life Foundation. His dream to help others, as others had once helped him, over the course of his lifetime — to perpetuate the concept of giving to others. His hope and legacy would be that the individuals that are assisted would someday help others, as he has helped them with grants and scholarships.

…How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.