Who Can Apply for Grants

Only pre-approved nonprofit partner organizations may apply on behalf of clients in their case management. Change a Life Foundation does not accept unsolicited grants from individuals.

The Foundation awards two types of grants:

  • Grants for Individuals
  • Grants for Organizations

Grants for Individuals:

LA Jewish Home Dorothy DentalGrants for individuals must be requested and administered by our pre-approved nonprofit partner organizations that provide case management services. Individuals may not apply themselves. Nonprofit organizations must be pre-approved and in partnership with Change a Life Foundation in order to submit grant applications.

The Foundation’s purpose is to significantly help individuals and families who — through no fault of their own — have experienced an injury, illness, or catastrophic life event, and who are suffering financial hardship. We provide support for critically needed direct services that promote self-sufficiency and improve quality of life. Pacific Housing Amanda H WheelchairNeeds for clients are met through a one-time or short-term (average 12-month) grant. Grant beneficiaries are required to be legal residents or U.S. citizens. The Foundation requires that funds will be used as a last resort and the grantee meets HUD low-income guidelines. Applications must discuss research conducted into all available alternate funding sources. All of these requirements must be met for an application to be eligible.




Organizational Grants:

By invitation only, the Foundation awards larger grants, of up to $10,000, to pre-approved partner organizations that impact more individual’s needs.
Natl' MS So Cal Org Grant
(Pictured to the left is an organizational grant funded through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Southern California Chapter that provided physical and occupational therapies for 70 clients.)