Grantmaking Partners

Pen Fam Service Mohammad Hearing Aid And Bus Passes SmallChange a Life Foundation makes grants exclusively through partnerships with pre-approved California nonprofit organizations who, through case management, identify individuals in need that could experience real life change from the Foundation’s funding. Organizations are selected by Change a Life Foundation because their mission and vision reflects that of the Foundation and they are dedicated and passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

A strong and active partnership between Change a Life Foundation and the nonprofit partners is the key to running an effective individual grantmaking program.Change a Life Foundation works directly with the case management staff, social workers, and development teams to assist and support them in identifying the strongest potential grant recipients. Currently, Change a Life Foundation partners with 54 nonprofit partner organizations throughout the state of California.

The online application is available only to pre-approved nonprofit partners. The individual the nonprofit partner is applying on behalf of must meet the following criteria:

  1. Catastrophic life event has occurred or is occurring
  2. No fault of the individual
  3. Grant is for a critical need and will create real life changes
  4. At or below 2017 HUD Income Guidelines
  5. A last-resort request
  6. Individual must be a legal resident
  7. Individual cannot have received a grant from Change a Life Foundation (from any organization)

Pre-Approved Nonprofit Partners Login

Change a Life Foundation does not work directly with individuals. Grants are exclusively to pre-approved nonprofit partner organizations that provide case management services and apply for grants for individuals within their caseload. Change a Life Foundation is not able to accommodate grant requests from any individual or organization that is not a pre-approved nonprofit partner. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests. Thank you for your interest in Change a Life Foundation.