Our Mission

NMSS NCC Laurel PhotoTo significantly assist individuals and families who, through no fault of their own, have experienced an injury, illness, disability, or catastrophic life event, and who are suffering financial hardship. Change a Life Foundation provides support for critically needed assistance that promotes self-sufficiency, and improves quality of life.

Our Vision

To change one life at a time.

Our Strategy

To fund restricted grants to pre-approved nonprofit partners who identify clients within their case management. Change a Life Foundation partners with California nonprofit organizations that are approved by the Foundation’s Executive Board. Change a Life Foundation’s pre-approved partners identify clients in need who will gain a greater self-sufficiency. The Foundation’s focus is to help individuals help themselves and become more independent and self-sufficient and ultimately productive members of society.

The Foundation provides a unique style of philanthropy through these short term life-changing grants to individuals. In 2017, Change a Life Foundation awarded 213 grants totaling $1,100,162 to individuals and families through our pre-approved nonprofit partner organizations. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grants nor grant requests from individuals not within the case management of the pre-approved partners.


“…Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.”

Babylonian Talmud