On December 31, 2018, Change a Life Foundation closed its doors after spending down our generous Donor’s estate over 18 years of charitable contributions in grants to individuals and scholarship awards. Our Donor’s generosity has impacted thousands of lives and his legacy will remain in the hearts of those who have achieved self-sufficiency, our Donor’s family, & the Change a Life Foundation staff.

In 18 years of grantmaking, Change a Life Foundation awarded more than 7,000 grants and 2,000 college scholarships. This equates to $40 million in grants and scholarships, which have improved the lives of 800,000 people.

Change a Life Foundation funded critically needed direct services that promote self-sufficiency and improves quality of life of grant recipients. The Foundation assists individuals and families who — through no fault of their own — have experienced an injury, illness, or catastrophic life event, and who are suffering financial hardship.

Please note that Change a Life Foundation no longer accepts grant request or scholarship applications and the Foundation no longer makes contributions.

Grants made before December 31, 2018, with outstanding follow up reports and/or upcoming follow up reports deadlines may download the Follow Up Report on the 2019 Follow Up Report Procedures page.

 We granted solely to pre-approved grantmaking partners in the areas of

  • Medical Services
  • Disabilities
  • Family Self-Sufficiency
  • At Risk Youth Services
  • Elderly Independence
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Dental Services